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Square Craftsman Columns

Turncraft Craftsman Tapered Columns Exterior

Our square craftsman columns are stylish and look great for both indoor and outdoor applications. They're available in a variety of configurations to meet every design need and budget. Non-structural PVC columns are the most affordable and may be ordered tapered (shown in the pictures here) or non-tapered. If you need load-bearing columns, order our fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) columns, which are non-tapered. Either way, you may also choose design features such as fluting, panels and pedestals.

For more details on the standard sizes and designs, choose one of the links below. If you don't find exactly what you need, feel free to contact us. Custom heights, widths, flute and panel orders are no problem. Just let us know what you need.

Turncraft Craftsman Tapered Columns used in Exterior

Craftsman Tapered PVC Columns

Tapered craftsman columns are available in non-structural PVC the most affordable option. Wood columns often cost three to four times as much as our PVC columns, which are low maintenance and weather beautifully.

Turncraft Craftsman Tapered Columns

Tapered PVC Columns

Left: Paneled Tapered Square.
Right: Plain Tapered Square.

Craftsman Non-Tapered PVC Columns

Square non-tapered columns look great with or without pedestals. You can order non-tapered columns in affordable PVC or for load-bearing columns order our fiberglass reinfornced polymer (FRP) columns.

Craftsman Non-Tapered Columns

Non-Tapered PVC Columns

Left: Fluted Non-Tapered Square.
Middle: Plain Non-Tapered Square.
Right: Paneled Non-Tapered Square.

Caps and Bases for Square PVC Columns

When you order our square columns you may also choose from a variety of caps and bases. The styles for our PVC columns include standard, crown, prarie and Tuscan. Decorative caps are also available for square columns.

Craftsman non-tapered cap and base

Pedestals for Craftsman PVC Columns

Pedestals are ordered separately from columns, so you may have any combination of pedestals and columns. You may order pedestals with plain, raised or recessed panels.

Turncraft Craftsman Pedestals
Pedestals for PVC craftsman columns.

Specifying Craftsman Columns

If you want to streamline your Craftsman column order or quote request, you can use our standard codes when you specify your column. Here's an example:

  1. The first letter for a craftsman column is always C.
    C Craftsman column
  2. Next specify whether you want a tapered or non-tapered column.
    CN Craftsman column,
  3. Next indicate whether the panels should be raised or recessed and if you want fluting.
    CNR Craftsman column, non-tapered, raised panel, Tuscan cap and base
  4. Next specify the cap, base and neck moulding. For more details see:
    PoylClassic caps and bases page
    CNRTu Craftsman column, non-tapered, raised panel, Tuscan cap and base
  5. Pedestals are ordered as separate items.


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