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Temple of Winds

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Roman Corinthian

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Greek Erectheum

Roman Ionic

Modern Composite

Decorative Columns

Decorative columns is a catch-all category. It includes but is not limited to the Ionic, Corinthian and Composite orders. Traditionally these columns range in proportion from 8 to 1 through 10 to 1 height to diameter. Decorative columns, when ordered fluted, are Ionic fluted unless otherwise specified. Ionic fluting consists of 24 flutes with a flat between the flutes which stop short of the shaft top and bottom. Normally these columns come with an Attic base but Tuscan, Roman Doric or Custom bases are available.

Pagliacco Decorative columns are available round or square, tapered or no taper, fluted or smooth, in a variety of wood species or synthetics, such as fiberglass reinforced polymer and spun fiberglass. We also offer splitting for any application. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to find the best product available for you application and budget.

Available Capitals

Pagliacco offers a wide variety of capital styles to meet your decorative column needs. Decorative capitals are made from fiber reinforced plaster, fiberglass, wood fiber or wood. Capital styles include: Temple of Winds, Roman Doric Ornamental, Empire, Roman Corinthian, Greek Angular Ionic, Scamozzi, Greek Erectheum, Roman Ionic and Modern Composite.

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