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Roman Doric Columns

The Roman Doric order represents the significant modification by the Romans of the Greek Doric order over 4 centuries of use. The most obvious changes are the addition of a variety of bases and a continuation of the late Greek tendency to make the columns more slender. Traditionally Roman Doric columns have a 8 to 1 height to diameter ratio. As with the Greek Doric order, the fluting (or channels) has no flat between them, but rather the channels meet in ridges (arrises).

Pagliacco Roman Doric Columns

Our tapered Roman Doric columns feature true Roman entasis in which the shaft is straight (no taper) for one third of its length and then tapers in decreasing radius as in the bending of a bow. Any height to diameter ratio is available. Bases offered are Roman Doric or Attic. Pagliacco Roman Doric columns are available with fluted (shown) or plain shaft, tapered or no taper, and in a variety of wood species or synthetics, such as fiberglass reinforced polymer and spun fiberglass. Unless otherwise specified, we flute Roman Doric columns with Ionic flutes (characterized by a flat between the flutes). You may order traditional Doric fluting on wood columns only. We also offer splitting for any application. Exterior columns are made from Western Red Cedar, Redwood or fiberglass, but they're also available in the wood of your choice. Paint grade interior columns usually are made of Poplar, Pine or fiberglass. For stain grade interior columns, we use the hardwood of your choice.We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to find the best product available for you application and budget.

Because we offer a variety of Roman Doric columns not all product dimensions match the following chart. If a specific dimension is critical for your application, please ask to confirm sizes.

Additional column sizes are available,
both larger and smaller
Column diameter 5-1/4" 8" 10" 12" 14" 16" 18" 20" 22" 24"
  all dimensions in inches
shaft diameter  at bottom
5-1/4 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24
Shaft diameter at top
4-3/8 6-1/2 8-1/4 10 12 13-1/2 15 16-3/4 18-1/4 20
Overall height
Plinth square
7 10-3/4 13-1/2 16 18-3/4 21-1/4 24 26-3/4 29-1/4 32
Capital square
6-5/8 10 12-1/2 15 17-1/2 20 22-1/2 25 27-1/2 30
Doric Base +
plinth height
2-5/8 4-1/4 5-3/8 6-1/4 7-3/8 8-1/2 9-3/4 10-3/4 11-7/8 13
Attic Base +
plinth height
3-3/8 4-3/4 6-3/8 7-1/4 8-3/8 9-3/4 10-1/4 12-1/2 13-7/8 15
Capital height
1-3/4 2-1/2 3-1/4 3-3/4 4-1/2 5 5-3/4 6-1/2 7-1/4 8

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