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Architectural Columns

Pagliacco manufactures and distributes architectural columns in a wide variety of styles and made from a wide variety of materials including: top quality wood, fiberglass, PVC and stone polymer. Exterior columns are made from Western Red Cedar, Redwood, PVC, fiberglass or stone polymer, but they're also available in the wood of your choice. Paint grade interior columns usually are made of Poplar, Pine or fiberglass. For stain grade interior columns, we use the hardwood of your choice.

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Our goal is to supply you with the best product for your application at the best prices. The styles shown here are just a few examples of what is available. If you don't see what you need, please contact us: 415-488-4333.

Most column styles are available fluted or smooth.

Architectural Column Designs

The classic orders of architecture, including columns commonly used today, were created by Renaissance scholars who wanted to codify the wide variety of Roman architectural design found throughout Europe at the time. Roman architects had taken their design inspiration from the work of the Greeks; however, the two styles differ in many respects. Pagliacco designs are based primarily on the work of the Italian Renaissance scholar Vignola. In addition to creating columns in the classic orders, we welcome the opportunity to explore and recreate accurate Greek and Roman columns. Call us if you have a challenging project or a unique design. We have the background and experience to assist you with your project.

About Wood Column Installation

Regardless of where you get your columns, we can't stress enough how important it is that exterior wood columns be made from naturally rot and insect resistant wood. Avoid Northern Pines, Hemlock and Poplar for exterior use. Exterior columns must be vented top and bottom. It's equally important that no blocking is installed inside the column shaft. As air temperatures change, ventilation allows the air inside the column to change with the air on the outside, making the wood expand and contract at an even rate. Ventilation also prevents possible moisture build-up inside your columns. Blocking inside the column prevents the movement of air and moisture, and inhibits natural expansion and contraction.         

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