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Standard Cast Colors

Royal Corinthian manufactures balusters from polyurethanefiberglass, and synthetic stone. Fiberglass and white synthetic stone are currently the same cost, so we sell white synthetic stone as paint grade because it requires less prep for paint. 

Royal Corinthian is the only manufacturer in America that makes the same spindle styles from 3 different materials. This allows for customers to mix and match products to fit job requirements. For example, synthetic stone balusters can be used on a ground level porch where weight is not an issue. Polyurethane balusters of the same style can be used on the rooftop or balconies where there could be weight concerns. You can also order synthetic stone balusters that are half the listed weight by using a lightweight filler. These reduced-weight balusters have the same wall thickness as the standard balusters. You can choose from hundreds of standard spindle profiles or custom designs. Royal Corinthian routinely provides matching designs for historic restorations. 

Cast stone balustrades are heavy and extremely durable. In white or standard color textured, the cost is close to polyurethane except for shipping costs. Colored smooth and custom colored balustrades are available but cost more. Cast stone railings are available in up to 20-foot lengths.

Polyurethane balustrades are lighter in weight than cast stone balustrades and are preferred for upper story and deck applications. Polyurethane rail lengths are limited to 12 foot or less.

Here are examples of the most popular systems. Measurements indicate the top rail width. Let us know if you want to see more choices or need additional information.

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6 inch balustrades. photo of two.

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polyurethane balustrades

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