Choosing Balustrade

Choosing Balustrade

How To Choose Balustrade

Pagliacco offers a variety of balustrade patterns in cast stone or polyurethane. Fiberglass balustrade is available but currently fiberglass and white synthetic stone are the same cost, so we sell white synthetic stone as paint grade because it is higher quality.

Polyurethane balustrade is considerably lighter in weight than cast stone balustrade. Because of the weight factor, polyurethane is usually preferred on upper story and deck applications, unless the structure is engineered to accept the heavy weight of the cast stone product.  Because of the weight, polyurethane is less expensive to ship.  Polyurethane rail lengths are limited to 12 foot or less.

Cast stone balustrade is very heavy and extremely durable. In white or standard color textured the cost is close to polyurethane except for shipping costs. Colored smooth and custom colored balustrade is available for additional cost. Cast stone railings are available in up to 20-foot lengths.

Information we will need to generate a balustrade quote:

  1. Do you want cast stone (heavy and robust) or polyurethane (light weight) balustrade? If cast stone is requested, do you want white or colored? If colored, what color and finish (smooth or textured)? Smooth colored is more expensive than white or colored textured.
  2. What are net lengths of each section of rail required (the distance between each post). Email a plan view sketch of your project if you like.
  3. Do you need newel posts or are there existing columns? How many newels are required? You may want to consider half newels where a balustrade attaches to a building.
  4. What is the code height requirement (your local building code requirement for the distance from the floor to the top of the top railing)? We will assume the spacing requirement is 4-inch sphere (a 4 inch sphere cannot fit through the gap between balusters).
  5. What style baluster, rail and newels would you like? There are standard 4-, 6-, and 7-inch systems, or you can choose individual patterns. Newel posts are available plain or paneled.
  6. What is the delivery zip code?
  7. Do you have any special timing requirements? (Rush orders are available for additional cost)